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1a) 4th Grade divisions will consist of four 6-minute quarters


1b) 5th grade – 8th Grade Divisions will consist of four 7-minute quarters


2) Overtime periods will be two (2) minutes in all divisions.

3) Teams will receive 2 one-minute timeouts per half. Unused timeouts DO NOT carry over to 2nd half. Teams will receive one extra timeout in each OT period.


4) National Federation of High School rules will govern play, except those tournament rules specific within.


5) Teams must play at scheduled starting time if 5 rostered players are on hand.

6) There is a 5 minute leeway in the event a team does not have 5 rostered players at the scheduled starting time. Game will be forfeited if teams do not reach minimum level of players.

7) Teams must shoot at the basket opposite their bench in the first half.

8) Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and fans throughout the tournament


9) Pressing Rule:

    A) 3/4th grade divisions  – pressing will be allowed only in the final one (1) minute of the game and in overtime provided game is within

    10 points. Pressing rule does not apply to leads bigger than 10 points

    B) 5th grade division –  ¾ court pressing with be allowed provided game is within 15 points.

    C) 6th grade – 8th grade divisions – Teams winning by 20 or more points cannot not press at anytime.



10) Basketball Size

    a) 28.5 for all girls divisions and 4th -6th grade boys divisions

    b) 29.5 for 7th and 8th grade boys divisions

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